Don't Leave Your Skylight Leaking

Don't Leave Your Skylight Leaking

We can repair damage to your skylight and roof

Skylights provide beautiful, natural light to your house. But they also interrupt the natural design of your roof and create potential vulnerabilities. If you've noticed your skylight leaking, contact Scratch N Patch. We provide roof repair services for all types of roofs. Our crew will make sure your roof is back to normal so you can keep enjoying your skylight every day.

Schedule skylight repair services by calling us at 325-333-5799

Leave skylight repairs to the pros

Since they have to withstand the elements, skylights are designed with a variety of intricate features. Make sure you hire a skilled team for your roof and skylight repairs. When we work on your skylight, we will...

  • Inspect your shingles and flashing to determine the extent of the problem
  • Clean any debris and dirt from your skylight
  • Replace damaged shingles and seal holes in the flashing or frame

Once the job is complete, your skylight will be as good as new. Contact us today to arrange for skylight repair services.